Patrick Daus

My Portfolio

I specialize in interactive programming, intuitive design and creative thinking. Most of this work was done using the Flash platform, but lately I've been leaning toward HTML/jQuery for projects.

Beyond the Controller

Beyond the Controller project

Beyond the Controller was done to show the positive side of the competitive video game community. Using the Flash Platform and Adobe Premiere Pro, this was a large scale project which included video editing, ActionScript 3.0 programming and animating.

FishACES (user: rr, pass: rr)


FishACES is a fish farming simulator created using the Flash Platform. Final project for the Web and Digital Media Development program at UWSP. My involvement included coding the functionality of the store in the city, sound design and animating the Pellet O' Matic.

Interactive "How We Met..."

How We Met

An interactive infographic created to teach borrowers why they might have had their student loans switched over to Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation. I programmed all of this myself using jQuery and art and design was done by Erica Brandt.

Matt Daus's Portfolio

Matthew Daus's portfolio

This is a portfolio website I made for my brother Matthew Daus. The actual design was done all by him, and he just needed help coding it and getting the functionality the way he wanted it. View his website to learn more about him.


uPark Parking Application

uPark is a desktop Application created with Adobe Flash and Flex and is used to find parking areas around the UWSP campus and can also store favorite parking spots. The concept, programming and art were all done by me.


Fall game

This is a game I did for fun in order to help myself understand the concept of arrays a little bit better. It was built entirely using the Flash Platform some time ago and has some bugs that could be worked out, but I definitely learned a lot when making it.